Puppies pee in their dog crates a whole lot — but what do you do when it appears like your pup likes to pee inside his crate? You could say “my dog peed in his crate” and this is the problem.

Tip 1: Rule Out Medical Issues.

It’s not likely in this instance, however it’s always a good concept to talk to the vet when you’re observing uncommon “ins or outs” in your dog. Next time you’re in you’re vets office, bring this up to ensure that your pup does not have a UTI or various other underlying factor for uncommon peeing habits.

puppy pees in crate


Tip 2: Eliminate Anxiousness.

If Baffled’s puppy is just peeing in the dog crate when he’s alone, it’s feasible that the pup is peeing since he’s distressed as well as frightened.

This isn’t because the puppy is being spiteful or leading– the pup is so terrified and also anxious that he’s blown up of his bladder!

Observe your young puppy’s body language utilizing a remote camera (I use my laptop computer with Photo Cubicle or my Furbo).

If your young puppy is pacing, whining, crying, digging at the crate, or otherwise presenting signs of anxiety, the urination could be associated with being alone more than being confined.

Tip 3: Manage, Contain, as well as Compensate.

Currently comes the actual analytical. For this particular pup, I recommend using the Umbilical Potty Training Technique. In this arrangement, we connect the puppy’s harness to a brief leash that we affix to the individual. Whenever Baffled notifications that his pup is circling around, smelling, or squatting to pee, he can scoop up his pup and also dash outside.

When Confused’s puppy ends up peeing outside, Confused can after that feed the pup a yummy reward.
Pointer: make certain to feed the puppy right after he ends up peeing, not later on when you’re back inside the cooking area. The treat and also peeing outdoors need to be closely linked in time for it to work!

If Overwhelmed’s pup isn’t “vacant,” the young puppy can not remain in the dog crate or otherwise unsupervised.

Normally, we would certainly additionally rely on a dog crate to make this procedure much easier. Yet considering that Confused’s pup will certainly pee in the cage even if it’s tiny and there’s no blankets in the pet crate, the Umbilical Training Technique is our finest alternative.


If Baffled needs to function (like the majority of us do), points get trickier. This means that the young puppy will require to be left without supervision, likely for a lot longer than the young puppy can actually hold his pee. In this instance, the very best choice is to establish an exercise pen with a phony grass pee location. This should motivate the pup to pee on the fake lawn as opposed to elsewhere — particularly inside the pet crate.
Make certain to give your young puppy something to occupy his time!