Pets. Most of us would like to have one, some opus went into the research and dropped the idea halfway through, and yet more of us are on the watch for the perfect pet. Finding the right pet is difficult when you don’t even know where to start. Small animals that are easy to look after are the obvious choice but what are the top 10 options? It’s all very stressful, so if you are hunting for the perfect animal roommate, you’re in the right place. These are 10 of the easiest pets to care for.


  1. Dog

Always at the top of the list for dog lovers, from their die-hard loyalty to their infectious positive attitude, dogs are man’s best friend for so many reasons, one of which is that they are easy to look after. They don’t need a litter box and can easily be potty trained, a squeaky toy could keep them amused for hours on end and in addition to this, the smaller breeds only need a small space and the right environment to feel happy and comfortable. Bull dogs, golden retrievers, beagles, Skye terriers and Bichon Frisé are some of the easiest dogs to look after that double as friendly pets which are great around kids and requiring minimum maintenance.


  1. Turtle

They’re slow, portable sized and unspeakably adorable. Turtles require significantly less maintenance than most other pets while also being an interactive species. Specific types of turtles like the male painted turtles and U.S mud and musk turtles are considered ideal for people buying their first turtle, and as most female turtles grow larger than the males, those living in a more restricted space prefer these ‘beginner turtles’. Turtles are comfortable with a diet that varies and like spaces that allow them to roam. Aquatic turtles require less maintenance compared to other varieties of turtles. Turtles reproduce naturally and need no encouragement from their owners, unlike some other pets. It is a good idea, however, to retrieve and incubate any eggs you find in your turtle pen.


  1. Rabbit

When it comes to looking cute and virtually not doing much, the winner would be rabbits. With their twitchy little noses and furry ears, they are popular among many children as a desired pet. Apart from the obvious charm they hold to children and their ability to be quickly potty trained, rabbits are social animals and love the interaction they have with humans, making them ideal pets. A rabbit has to be placed in an area in the house that receives attention but also allows the rabbit to have some time for itself. That said, rabbits need a marginally higher level of maintenance than some of the other animals on this list despite their size and temperaments and are therefore to be chosen as a pet after thinking it through.


  1. Cat

You have got to love them for their superiority complexes and dramatic shows of affection. Cats are such a study in contrast that those who choose them as pets usually reflect their character too. They are a great choice to a family choosing a pet as they help children learn and understand social skills. Cats teach kids how to interact and can help children cope in the face of traumatic situations. It also makes children have a lower risk of allergies. Cats are also perfect to keep in apartments as they are quiet and prefer indoors to the great outdoors. They don’t need regular walks to the park and therefore need less time to be spent on them.


  1. Parrot

One of the most popular birds in the market as pets, parrots exude the perfect mixture of charm and intelligence that it is irresistible to have them as a companion at home. Parrots are one of the few creatures able to replicate human speech, a feat most species of parrots are capable of. African Grey parrots and Amazon parrots are particularly talkative and interact well with, making them ideal to families with little children as there is a high level of communication that leads to learning and entertainment both. Parrots require a busy household to avoid feeling lonely, and if the owner is someone who stays away at work for most of the day, it is advisable to buy two or more parrots to prevent distressed behaviour from the parrot. Apart from more traction being needed, parrots are low maintenance pets that enjoy human company.


  1. Hedgehog

One of the more exotic pets on this list, hedgehogs are almost too cute to be considered real, and with their compact size and quirky behaviours, are one of the options of a pet that is also easy to care for. Hedgehogs are shy, sensitive animals that run on a nocturnal schedule and should therefore only be purchased by those who are able to adjust to this detail. They require a calm atmosphere but once familiar with their environment, are happy to take casual walks around your home. Hedgehogs have an unusual habit of being attracted to scents they haven’t come across before and anointing themselves with it. This means a regular cleanup is needed to avoid your hedgehog smelling like the newly polished woodwork or some similarly new smell. This makes them marginally higher maintenance than a few other pets, but besides this, hedgehogs require not much special treatment and prefer to be allowed to roam around as they please.  


  1. Squirrel

Another exotic pet on the list, squirrels are usually best left In the wild, unless when injured and too domesticated to be released into the wild. They are delicate runners with a high level of energy and are extremely affectionate, loving the human interaction they get and reciprocating it appropriately. Their shedding is almost nonexistent and although it is nearly impossible to potty train them, their droppings are odourless pellets that can easily be gotten rid of. Squirrels are friendly, but are highly territorial and prefer to be the only pet to an owner, lapping up their attention all to themselves.


  1. Fish

Fish are popular options among small children because of their fasciation with sea creatures in general, and more because common pet fish like the goldfish are amusing to watch for hours on end. Although they can’t be cuddled, fish are convenient pets as they require only a size proportionate bowl and not much in the way of space. Their food requirements are easy to satisfy as fish food is readily available for purchase, and they can be cared for by even relatively young children, with adult supervision. Regular cleaning of the tank/bowl is needed to keep the fish healthy, and they live longer when taken care of appropriately.


  1. Ferret

Apart from being playful and bursting with personality, ferrets are adorable animals with a mischievous nature that complements their intelligence. Being able to brighten up their owner’s day, ferrets are undeniably one of the easiest pets to take care of, as they can easily be potty trained and require more social interaction than anything else. They are also ideal for those who live in attached housing as ferrets are mostly quiet animals that like to have their down time. In addition to this, they love solving puzzles, and their food intake is pre made ferret food readily available at stores, making the job even easier for owners. 


  1. Hamster

Hamsters are right up there with dogs and cats as the most requested pets, especially for small children. They really need to be taken out of their cage except for their regular walks around the room, and apart from their easy to clean litter, hamsters are cute and fun to have around because of their unique personalities. They prefer to live alone, rather than being paired up with another hamster, and require attention at regular times to make sure they don’t feel lonely. They are the poster animals for low maintenance and need only basic care, but do love the extra attention they get. They wake up at the crack of dawn and are most active at this time of day, also at dusk. The owner should be able to accommodate these times and allow the hamster maximum attention during these periods. Besides this, hamsters can be cared for by children with supervision, and are generally content little creatures.        


Pets are an integral part of modern day hectic life when they are the only relief we find in an otherwise drab, dull world. However, most of us live chaotic lives ruled by work and with the least spare time available. In addition to this, we lived in holed up flats or apartments with barely any space for ourselves, leaving no place for pets to share the space with. The solution is having small pets that are easy to take care of. They’d fit in the small area of your home and bring you all the happiness you need too. They do need to be chosen carefully in accordance with their own personality and time availability, but once you choose the right one, you sure won’t regret it.