The care of your cute Persian cat will be a bit various from looking after any other feline. Because of their lengthy, luscious layers and also level doll-like faces, some issues will require to be addressed and worked into a routine as you look after your furry child.

I’ve been there and wish that this post will certainly aid you and also your kittycat settle right into the residence.

Persian cat life stages

This will certainly offer you a suggestion of exactly how your smash face cat creates before she’s old sufficient to come residence with you.

One week: His/her eyes really did not open totally till they was one week old.
Four weeks: They can utilize the can and also has started having fun with toys.
Five weeks: They have actually begun rough play with siblings. Caution: expect what they call kitty butt. Since they are using the litter box, they can have soft poop that can embed their fur and get caked if not cleaned up. They must be checked daily.
Six weeks: Their initial shots schedule. The vet needs to likewise do a kitty wellness check-up.
Eight weeks: Deworming is done as a precaution. A first bathroom might be provided at this time, too.
Nine weeks: The second round of injections done.
Ten weeks: A 2nd bathroom might be offered to obtain the kitten used to routine bathrooms. It is very important to develop this, so it won’t be a chore to bathe your kitten once they are your own.
Eleven weeks: Your dog breeder will certainly have the kittycat checked over, again prior to getting them prepared for their brand-new residence and also family. Last vaccinations are given before kitty mosts likely to a new house.
Twelve weeks: The week you’ve been waiting on. The breeder will offer a last bath and also clip nails. Documentation collected to be provided to you. Time to visit his or her brand-new home.

Taking Your New Kitten House

Your new kitty will certainly need some time to recuperate from his/her transfer to your home. Remember they’ve just left their mamma, dad, siblings, and also probably a few feline or canine friends. Convenience them as best you can. Your kitty will require a long nap when home, they can only take a lot enjoyment. Great deals of sleep and also routine meals, similar to a human child will certainly be required.

When you obtain your kitten home you may intend to select a small area for them to be in, such as a restroom or your bed room. This smaller sized location will certainly offer your brand-new kitten a place to get made use of to your house. Each day you need to allow monitored exploration of the remainder of the residence. Do not allow your kitten out of your sight. This also offers your kittycat a possibility to settle in, learn the means to the kitty box, and give you an opportunity to find out if there are locations of your residence that still require kittycat proofed. Your primary step is to establish your kitty in front of the kitty box prior to you set them anywhere else in the house. Let your kittycat get in and also out of the can by themselves.

If you have actually selected to get your kitten, say at Christmas time, you’ll need to take added safety measures to make sure that your kitten doesn’t get into tinsel, small papers, also tree needles. Also, the pressure of a residence filled with merrymaking individuals can be unsafe for your kitten, you might intend to show them off and then shut him or her in their own area.


Your kittycat ought to be fed the same diet regimen the dog breeder was feeding them. Most dog breeders will certainly send out samples or a tiny supply of the food they feed. If you choose you want to change the food you feed, you won’t want to simply change their food. It’s finest to change slowly. The way to do this is to take several of the food currently being fed as well as blend with the new brand up until slowly you are feeding just the new food. Food can be excluded throughout the day as well as evening. Take care of the food you feed. Some brands aren’t great for any kind of cat, let alone your Persian kittycat.

Food and also water recipes must not be established alongside the can.

Persian Pet Cat Bowl

When searching for cat food bowls for your Persian kitty it is very important to keep in mind that Persian felines favor shallow food bowls as a result of their flat faces. If the bowl is deep the Persian feline will mistake attempting to obtain food from the dish as well as in some instances, they will certainly just refuse to eat from a deep-sided dish as this can massage against their hairs and also annoy them.


Fresh water must be offered daily for not only your brand-new kitty however, for any other animals in your house.

If you do get a male kittycat you need to be conscious that they require extra water particularly while intact (not neutered). The reason being that is if they do not get enough water, they can establish crystals in their urinary system. Males may not be able to pass crystals in their system if the crystals are too big.

Serve water in a glass dish, try to stay clear of plastic. Plastic can cause mouth abscess as well as allergies.

If your kittycat obtains their bib (the hair at their chest) damp, attempt using a smaller sized bowl. You might have to refill more often, however your kitten will certainly stay dry. They will more than most likely outgrow this.


Guideline says one kitty box per feline in your home. If you have a home that has greater than one level, you might want to include an extra cat box per degree. Now, I recognize that this might not be possible. If this holds true, I suggest having a feline can per 2, maybe 3 cats. This is for multi-cat houses.

It is advised that you do not use scoopable clutter for your male kitty if he is still intact (not neutered). As soon as he is neutered you can start making use of scoopable if that is your choice. Attempt to obtain a product that is low dust, low perfume. Highly suggest reduced dust, not also highly scented and no scoopable (clumping) for whole males. Scoopable clutter can adhere to feet if it’s wet or your feline’s feet are wet, they can ingest this when they cleanse their feet if it has stuck there.

Persian cats like large pans. I utilize an automatic can yet this may not be concept for a kittycat however definitely worth thinking about when they grow a bit.

Persian Cat Teeth Care

As your kittycat expands, there will certainly teeth, much like a human child. They lose their baby teeth and their grown-up teeth been available in. Additionally like a human baby, they want to chew points to help their teeth been available in.

You must prevent any chewing on cord, cables, your hands because these could be harmful to your kitty and as your kitty expands can be detrimental to you. Those adorable little attacks on your hand might not be so charming when your grown-up pet cat bites your hand.

Many kitties are 4 to five months old when they teeth. You can provide a cardboard box to play, rest, as well as chew on. For your kitten to teeth you can give them an empty tissue box, but do not give them one where the tissues had lotion or other product contributed to them.

Your kitten may not desire tough food while teething so you should see to it your kittycat is eating. You might need to replace soft food for a couple of days.

You may additionally discover kitties tear even more throughout teething.

Your Persian kitten’s eye may tear more than common while they are teething.


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