As a person that’s always owned animals, as well as who’s collaborated with pet saves for the majority of my life, I really feel very highly concerning educating the general public on the complexities of parrot ownership. We presently have five birds– parrotlet, cockatiel, canary, umbrella cockatoo, and senegal parrot. They each bring their very own difficulties, however they likewise bring a lot of happiness into our lives.

Below, I’ve listed some facets that turn up in on a daily basis parrot-owning life. I don’t think of them as ‘disadvantages,’ yet rather as points that we need to be aware of. If you ‘d such as a concise variation– a bit shorter– go here, or, if you want canaries and also finches, here. All things you should to know before buying parrots.


Senegal parrot reveals count on.


Even our Holy parrotlet can make great deals of it, and his sounds are simple squeaks compared to a cockatiel’s screams. A parrotlet’s cries can assemble your ears. A Senegal’s can puncture concrete wall surfaces, and also a cockatoo’s can bring for 3 miles.


Birds depend upon a clean environment– yet they are extremely messy. Littles seed and also pellets will be found stuffed in every other nook and cranny conceivable. The wall surfaces will certainly be covered in the food they fling, and the flooring in the particles of their toys. In the wild, their food flinging is a wonderful thing– it assists the atmosphere by spreading seeds. Not so much in a house. Birds also release dirt particles when they preen, plus moult yearly.

Owning parrots will transform your life. The care regime for a parrot needs dedication. It generally begins for us with training, followed by a healthy breakfast, then every person has a shower with me prior to we invest high quality time checking out and playing (around three to four times a day, per bird, for a hr each time). You’ll take your bird out for walks in his harness or provider, as well as cook for him twice a day. Appropriate treatment aids him remain the delighted, tame, handleable family pet you want.

Diet plan.

Regrettably, you can not just provide seed or pellets alone to your feathery companion– there is a fair quantity of cooking entailed. Good nutrition stops health concerns, stops state of mind swings and attacking, and assists a parrot expand lovely feathers. Birds on a bad diet plan may shed their feathers or start to pluck (likewise attack and shriek). Raw veggies and some fruits in moderation are a great beginning.
Birds eat when they really feel comfy. Generally, they use their left feet to hold and also manoeuvre products.
Discovering to appropriately feed your bird can be a massive difficulty.
Toys are a must. Most importantly, any bird, budgie or macaw, needs toys in the cage. Parrots are provided amazing minds, and also endure if they can’t use them– and also easy finches need playthings permanently wellness. A bored parrot will certainly bite, shout over and over again, or draw its feathers out.


It begins with a high first cost, as parrots themselves aren’t inexpensive. The cages they reside in are costly, too, and also the playthings they require can cost a fortune: they’ll need new cage accessories every 2 weeks or so. After that there’s food, veterinarian, etc. Everything begins to add up after awhile.


Yes, for large birds (like Bobo, our umbrella cockatoo), there is an added risk. These parrots are so large, as well as function at such a high level of impulse, that they offer threat to you– skilled proprietor or otherwise– and your household, animals, and good friends. You may adopt an infant bird that is entirely trustworthy, but once it strikes the adult years, anticipate problems. You will want to discover a rescue or parrot team, and also find out exactly how to restrain your bird in case of attack.
Traveling. Clipping your bird’s wings does it a huge disservice. Flight is one of the most all-natural type of exercise, certainly, and several birds will certainly become clinically depressed, overweight, and also undesirable otherwise permitted it. You do not need to clip your bird’s wings to tame it. Cutting can in fact hurt the subjugating and also bonding process, as instantly the ‘trip’ option of fight-or-flight is eliminated. All your bird can do now is bite. The downside of a flighted parrot is that it can enter into every little thing. Attempting to mind a parrot is like trying to watch a toddler.
No cigarette smoking, please. If you’re a cigarette smoker, take care to do it outside as well as far from your bird. Used smoke is ravaging to a parrot’s delicate breathing system and can create tweezing as well as residual health and wellness problems.
It’s a life time commitment. Parrots live a very long time. Budgies and also parrotlets can live 15-25 years; bigger birds have been understood to endure for well over 60.

Damage to your home.

Big or tiny, those beaks are deceptively strong. It is a parrot’s reaction to chew, and also absolutely nothing will certainly stop that– the damage is simply not its fault. They can munch via a furniture in minority seconds when you turn your back. Parrots will certainly additionally place holes in your garments, wall surfaces, lamp shades, computer mouse floor coverings, and also anything left lying neglected.

Rearrange your way of living.

This is potentially one of the biggest concerns for some individuals. No longer can you utilize aerosols, fragrant candles, as well as nonstick devices– and leaving the windows open, among others, is out. Birds also make remarkable alarm. They dictate when you get up, go to sleep, and what you do, when you do it. Nevertheless that, there’s additionally the lack of ability to up as well as default on an impulse.

Birds manipulate you.

Also the smallest parrots are highly intelligent, and also not a ‘easy’ pet dog. All parrots understand instinctively how to manage their people. It’s not just the adorable appearances when they desire something, it’s the well-placed bite to make us go away, or the shrieking and howling when they want to come out. Also trained parrots bite.
Their love might move on a whim. Because birds are egotistical animals, they choose much-loved humans– usually they will just ‘click’ with a single person, as well as nobody will certainly will be enabled near them or their selected one. Parrots will certainly move their commitment instantly if they feel they’ll obtain more of something they desire from somebody else.
Your bird may never ever chat. But it will shout; they vocalise at dawn and also dusk as well as sometimes just to let you understand they enjoy to be to life.

Have youngsters? Having parrots is usually contrasted to bringing a kid and also coming with outbursts right into your home– permanently. Parrots likewise have a tendency not to be great with children, either, as their normally high energy degree and busy activities can make your pet dog go … batty. Or bite-y.
Scarlet Macaw

Hormonal agents.

Annually, around twice a year after reaching sexual maturity, parrots end up being vastly various from two-year-olds in the sense that they frantically intend to mate. They typically come to be far more hard to handle. The hormone seasons are simply something else to take in stride. Parrots will bite, scream, lash out without warning, and also become much more irritable and also aggressive.
No cuddles, please. Connecting into the previous point, one of the most significant triggers of hormonal agents, as well as something to stay clear of in any way prices, is the stroking as well as cuddling of an adult bird. If you want a pet for those points, you probably want a cat or dog. Just companions touch beyond a parrot’s head/neck as well as foot areas (it’s sex-related), as well as once your animal sees you in this duty, it will want what you can not provide. When you undoubtedly fall short to do this, your bird will turn on you in irritation.


Like any kind of pet, parrots are absolutely depending on you for every little thing from their fundamental demands– great nutrition and also tidy water/environment — to their socialisation and their training. The points noted above are, obviously, the disadvantages to possession, if you see them thus. Yet there are lots of positives to owning a bird:

They are rewarding animals. Parrots bring along a great deal of trouble as well as tension, yet the sensation when your bird gets over one of its challenges is one like no other. The bond between bird as well as human is likewise very special.
They are really gorgeous. Sufficient said.
Character! Each bird has its very own character as well as specific traits. No 2 are alike.
Their complexity is a wonderful thing. These animals would not be so interesting if they were cage ornaments. They bring their proprietors happiness when they experiment and explore and also use their eager minds, which’s something to be cherished.
When you get rid of the victim instinct as well as build a bond with each other, couple of things can compare. A bird choosing you as its individual means that it discovers you credible– perhaps one of the truest praises feasible.
Birds are ice-breakers. Have a bird? It’s an excellent way to meet new people and even simply strike up a conversation with unfamiliar people. When you take your bird out on walks– a splendidly improving activity– every person will certainly intend to quit and satisfy him.

Maintain warm/cool. You will certainly never ever need to take your parrot out in the middle of the night and also stand, cold or roasting (whichever) while it chooses where to poop. Oh, talking that? Bird waste does not have an odor. Does not imply you don’t require to clean up the cage daily, though.
Apartment safe? This is a professional and also a con. Flats as well as other leased accommodation will commonly permit captive birds over pet cats and also canines, BUT parrots are really damaging, and if they eat with your rented out location, you’ll find yourself in pretty big trouble. They’re additionally noisy as well as bad with neighbours, however don’t need the very same space a dog does.

Having read all that, ask yourself a last question or more: Are you prepared to devote to 60+ years of life-altering dedication to a creature that will bite as well as shriek and poop anywhere? Is your life scenario most likely to change in the following couple of years– and also if so, will you still be able to provide for among these attractive creatures?

As well as please, keep in mind likewise:

An astounding 75% of parrots residing in captivity in the USA are living in less than appropriate living conditions, and it has been estimated that the average parrot will have 5-10 homes in the first 7 years of its life.’

You can learn more from the Feathered Good friend avian rescue, below. Ought to you still be intrigued– if this doesn’t terrify you off!– and also ready to take the following action, attempt volunteering at a regional parrot rescue. You’ll get an excellent feeling of just how life with avians goes– sound, mess, temper tantrums, as well as several of the a lot more charming facets, also! I can’t emphasize just how essential offering is. Some individuals promptly discover that life with parrots isn’t for them. It will be a lot of work, it will be exhausting, discouraging, constantly messy, and also in some cases very rewarding.

And if you believe after every little thing that you’re ready, good luck! Go and buy parrot!