How Teach A Dog To Shake Hand

It’s so adorable and cute when a dog sits and shakes your hand. People watching a dog shake hand instinctively go, “Aw.” A dog that can shake makes his owner look smart as a dog trainer. Shake is a classic trick to train your dog and it is easy to do.

Training a dog to shake can be done in 5 minutes a day for a week or two, and it requires no special equipment or training to do. All that is required Is a dog, some treats, and patience. For maximum effectiveness, the treats should be high value and something the dog enjoys, such as string cheese or something like liver treats. The treat also should be small and something that can be eaten quickly without a lot of chewing to maximize your training time. How to teach a dog to shake in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Have the dog sit.

Step 2: Hold out your hand in front of your dog. At first, your dog will not understand what you want. Your dog may sniff or lick your hand. Sooner or later, your dog will likely touch or hit your hand with his paw. Once the dog’s paw makes contact with your hand, praise your dog by saying something like “good dog” and give your dog a treat (alternatively you can use a clicker if you follow the clicker training method).

Step 3: Repeat the process until the dog consistently shakes your hand.

Step 4: Once the dog gives you his paw consistently add a cue word or command word such as “shake” or “paw.” Assigning a command before the dog consistently performs the trick will only confuse the dog.

Step 5: Increase the duration of the paw in your hand. Eventually, once the dog is regularly shakes, you will want to provide a treat every other time, and later on every 2-3 times the dog does the trick.

Ultimately, you want the do to reliable perform the trick without a treat and only verbal praise. Only practice training a dog for 5 to 10 minutes a day. Also, end the training session on a positive note. One of the most important things in training a dog is to set the dog up for success. Lavish praise and treats when the dog successfully performs the trick and stop training a dog before the dog becomes tired or bored. Pets care about consistency in training. Try to practice the trick the same way each day so the dog understands what you want. Finally, dogs learn by association and may only give the left or right paw when you tell them to shake. You may have to train the dog to use the other paw if you want the dog to shake with both hands.

How to teach a dog to shake is a classic trick that is a good demonstration for your friends and family. A dog shaking a hand is a good way to build a connection between the dog and a person. Who knows training a dog to shake could be the first trick of many. It might even led to earning a trick dog title at a dog competition. Most important is that you and your dog have fun.