Dragon Fish Treatment In Freshwater Aquariums

Dragon gobies, Eel gobies, Peruvian gobies or Violet gobies, the shy as well as interesting dragon fish goes by many names. Participants of the Gobioides family are brackish to fresh water fish originally from South and also Central America. The largest participants of the dragon fish family, Gobioides Broussonnettii can reach over 60cm long when fully grown, however various other members of this fish household are generally much smaller, getting to half that size. Dragon fish will live for many years, and also are an uncommon as well as really serene enhancement to a fresh water fish tank. Dragon fish are not breed, they care captured from the wild and also sold to fish shops, but they are a durable fish that accustoms swiftly and easily.

The Perfect Dragon Fish Tank

Dragon fish are a sturdy fish that loves brackish water (freshwater with a little salt on it, which is often discovered at the end of rivers when they meet the sea). They will certainly grow pretty huge, so they call for a fish tank that is at least 30 gallons with sufficient filtering system and an aragonite substratum. Go for at the very least 25 gallons per dragon fish if you mean to keep a number of, as well as go with a lengthy aquarium versus a high one as they will certainly require room to be comfy. Dragon fish require very clean water and secure temperature levels, so buy an excellent heating system and also filter. Weekly 10 to 15% water modifications will certainly maintain your dragon fish healthy and also delighted.
Dragon fish delight in temperatures around 26.5 C, though they can make it through a warmer or chillier aquarium for brief periods of time. Nonetheless, the longer you keep them in poor problems the higher the threat of them capturing some opportunistic dragonfish disease such as Ick or fin rot.

Dragon Fish Friends

In spite of their size as well as their ancient appearances, dragon fish are unbelievably calm fish that are conveniently harassed by other fish. They have really tiny eyes and also really poor eyesight, so other a lot more aggressive fish may take all your dragon fish food prior to he has a possibility to get to it. They are carnivorous, so they can take a nip at smaller fish, but usually talking they are really pacific, gentle fish that will certainly rest far from dispute.

The most effective fish to maintain with Dragon Fish are average sized fish that like brackish water, such as Black Sailfin Mollys or Archer Fish. Angelfish, Silver Bucks, Swordtails and Corydoras are great buddies as well. In a great water fish tank, they delight in the business of Fish.

If you plan to breed them, a variety container with 3 women per man is recommended. When breeding dragon fish bear in mind that the male will end up being aggressive and safeguard the eggs so it is far better to divide the ladies as quickly as spawning happens.

Feeding A Prehistoric Dragon Goby

Freshwater dragon fish treatment has to do with food, a whole lot. The much better you feed them, the healthier and a lot more gorgeous your dragonfish will be. In nature, Dragon gobies are opportunistic predators as well as scavengers, as well as to keep them in a fish tank you will need to supply them with a high protein diet regimen. They will like icy fish food and also live food such as ghost shrimp and also black worms, as well as enjoy live as well as icy brine shrimp. If a tiny fish or fry neighbors they might be able to eat it too, so don’t maintain them with little fish. They are popular to eat Guppy fry as a snack.

A very common grievance from aquarists begins with “My dragon fish is not eating! What is wrong?”. Dragon gobies are timid as well as it will certainly take them a couple of days in a brand-new fish tank to obtain used to it and also begin consuming appropriately, so it is very important to monitor them very carefully and not overfeed them until they fit enough to start eating. One more typical factor for a dragon fish to stop consuming is a much more aggressive or larger fish harassing them, as they have extremely tiny eyes as well as might have troubles locating the food prior to other fish get to it. If you have simply purchased a dragon fish, it may deserve it separating it with a web from the remainder of fish in the fish tank till it comes to be positive sufficient to consume.

Dragon fish fry can consume algae water (green water) as well as rotifers, until they are big enough to eat Artemia nauplii after regarding a month.

Why Keep Dragon Fish?

Dragon fish are an ancient varieties that has stayed extremely comparable to their primitive ancestors. Their long, slim bodies have an unusual lavender purple color, and also as soon as they are comfortable they can be enjoyable to watch. They are likewise a fantastic fish if your tap water is hard, as they enjoy a high pH of 7.5 to 8, which means you will not require to lower your fish tank pH unnaturally just like various other fish. Anticipate to enjoy your dragon fish for years, as they are a long lived fish given they are kept in a clean and well oxygenated environment without hostile feeding fish that would worry them out.