Coming up next is a rundown of 5 hand flags that are generally utilized in hound compliance preparing.

1. Come: A development over the body from the side toward the contrary shoulder.


2. Down: Can be done in two different ways. The main path is with the arm brought to bear stature up in a striking movement if the proprietor is confronting the pooch. The subsequent method to complete the Down sign is to with the left arm down with elbow straight, wrist bowed, and palm and fingers parallel to the floor if the canine is at heel position.

3. Heel: A forward movement of the left hand parallel to the floor to make the canine beginning strolling at heel. It is likewise a swinging movement of the left hand from before the proprietor to his side to cause the pooch to go to heel. Before it you should to training a dog to heel.

4. Sit: While confronting the canine with either hand broadened and palm confronted upward, flip up the fingers with a snappy wrist movement.

5. Stay: Can be finished by having the arm broadened descending, palm back, and held quickly before the canines gag.